Thursday, June 28, 2012

Terre Haute Sesh

Went to Terre Haute with Chris, Scott, and Colin. We had a pretty fun evening sesh.

 Chris didn't land this back tail, but a back tail photo never gets old.
Scott with a bean plant. 

Yep Colin's good. Nollie backside.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home Stretch

 We started heading east from Seattle to Yakima. This took us through Mt Rainer state park. This was definitely the coolest stretch of road I have even been on.
 Mt. Raindeer! We turned a corner and this popped up out of no where. We had to stop.
 We got high enough up in the mountains to drive through some snow in June.

 Chris next to the snow.
 Snow ball fight!
 This is what we in the biz like to call "art".
 As if the epic drive wasn't enough, we stumbled across an amazing camp spot right next to the river with no on around.
 The bb gun made it on the trip.
 Chris next to the fire.
The next day we made it to some natural hot springs. They felt amazing after two weeks of non stop skating. 

This is the last photo I took on the trip. Chris with a stand up grind at St Ignatius park.

A big thanks to everyone that was involved in this trip. Especially Tim for organizing it and putting Ody through 5000 miles in two weeks. Can't wait for the next one. The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mark's Place

After Orcas we headed to Port Townsend to visit Mark. First we stopped in Port Angeles to skate the park. This was the first park in days that actually had people at it. Lots of grown up air babies at this one.

Tim with another crailslide. This photo sucks but I had to put it up because it is gnarly. 
 Moose! saw this on a drive somewhere. I wish there was something their for perspective. It was huge.

 Tim with a frontside rock on a steep quarter pipe at Port Townsend. Tim has plenty of tricks but he had to go and learn my bread and butter and do it on better stuff than me. What a dick.
 This is Mark's Pizza oven. Didn't get to test it out but I have heard legendary stories about it. He also makes portable pizza ovens and takes them to festivals and farmers markets for extra dough.
 Marks wood burning hot tub. Pretty sick.
 Nasty Chinese Restaurant.
 Mark made us some full bodied tacos. Probably the best meal of the trip which is saying something. Thanks Mark!
 Mark making us breakfast.
 The Bano.
 Chris with a frontside ollie at Port Townsend. This park was really fun.

 Can't remember where this is, but it looks awesome.
The crew in front of some water fall. We saw so much stuff like this. This is a good photo of Ody the van aka the fun faucet. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Seattle and Orcas

After Portland the crew booked it to Seattle where we picked up Z. It had been a long time since I had seen him, and he was a perfect addition to the fun faucet. Tim had some long time friends, Matt and Mellisa, that let us crash at their place for a couple of nights. It was awesome meeting them, and we could not have asked for better hosts. Again I forgot to take photos of them and their place. Classic amateur blogger mistake. 
Tim with the crail and Frontside air over one of the doors at River City in Seattle. This park was probably my favorite. It was a race track with no flatbottom or decks and four doorways. Super simple and awesome design. More parks like this need to be built.
Chris and I got insanely psyched when we walked up to the park and took off in opposite directions. Of course we ended up running into each other first go round. That brought up lots of mario cart style challenges. Bring balloons and banana peels next time you go there and I guarantee you will have the time of your life. 

 Tim with a frontside air over the door. I was insanely hyped to just carve the door. Tim kills it.
 Marginal Way. That cradle was super tight and had an awesome tile mosaic. It sounded amazing when someone ripped around it. Unfortunately I got broke off at river city and couldn't skate this park. Next time.
 This is the crew riding out to Orcas Island on the ferry. Chris, Grant, Robert, and Isaac. Robert and Isaac brought matching hats.
 Robert. I've known this dude since I was 15 and he was one of the first people that showed me that you could get out and explore everywhere for something new to skate. This was my first time getting to travel outside of the midwest with him. They broke the mold when they made this guy.
 Shorts and T-Shirt senior photo.
Snakes on an Island.
 I didn't get to skate this place either unfortunately. Luckily the crew I was with did a good enough job ripping it apart without me.
 The crew on the beach, this was the best camp spot I have ever been to. It is about a mile hike back to this spot and there was no one around. Drift wood floats up on the shore to make fires, and the rocks on the beach are small and super smooth, which makes them perfect to sleep on.
 Not a bad view
 Robert taking it in.
 Grant was the young buck on the trip. This is the second trip I have been on with him and it doesn't seem like he has any problem adapting to the traveling lifestyle. He ripped at every park and had a great attitude. Stoked to have you out there man.
 Camp fires on the beach.

 We made some serious full bodied meals on this trip. Here's Tim keeping all of the instagirls on their heels. We got so many likes on this trip.
 Matt jumping off the rope swing. I wussed out on the swing.
 Chris Prejump
 Hoody Hoo!
 Chris and Grant look out while Tim reclaims shit island. Take that Phil!
 Shit Island. I can't believe Tim swam to this. The water was freezing.
 Paul brought the fam out for vacation. It was awesome having them out there. He was another dude that showed me the traveling ropes when I was growing up.

 Grant looking out.

 This was the view from the top of Mt. Constitution on Orcas. One of the coolest views I have ever seen.

Next up is Marks Place and Seattle part two.