Monday, June 18, 2012

Driving Out and Portland

 I made it home from another awesome Northwest Trip. This time we ventured out of Portland and got to see so many awesome places and met a ton of rad people. We saw so much that it was almost overwhelming. I have a ton of stuff to post up here. Tim, Chris, Georgie, and myself all drove straight from Indianapolis to Portland. We made it in 36 hours and went straight to meet up with some of Tim's friends, we hung out with them until we were falling asleep standing up and then went and stayed with our buddy Jeremy from Indiana. They have a perfect set up in Portland and it was super good to see that whole crew. Thanks again for letting us stay. I am an idiot and didn't get any photos of them.  The camera stayed in the car for most of this portion of the trip, but I still got a few gems.

 Chris, Georgie, and Tim at a rest stop on the way out. Georgie held it down in the van with us for the entire two week trip. He is the perfect road dog. Tim thinks he needs to be called George now that he is grown up, but he will always be Georgie to me.
 This guy was from Jersey, I can't remember his name but his buddies and him were on a two month trip across the country. We skated a few parks with them and they were rad. If by some chance you guys see this you should come through Indiana.
 Brooklyn Street Park. This was a rad DIY park. Super small and tight. The locals were killing it.
 This is the kind of thing you find under a bridge in Portland.
 What Skate Trip?
 Tim hit it out of the park.
Grant was non stop ripping the whole time he was out there. Rollin on the dome at Battle Ground Washington
 Lots of Full Bodied Meals on this trip.
 Grant with a powerslide warm up on the kong wall.

After Portland we booked it up to Seattle to pick up Zwissler. I will post more soon.

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