Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mark's Place

After Orcas we headed to Port Townsend to visit Mark. First we stopped in Port Angeles to skate the park. This was the first park in days that actually had people at it. Lots of grown up air babies at this one.

Tim with another crailslide. This photo sucks but I had to put it up because it is gnarly. 
 Moose! saw this on a drive somewhere. I wish there was something their for perspective. It was huge.

 Tim with a frontside rock on a steep quarter pipe at Port Townsend. Tim has plenty of tricks but he had to go and learn my bread and butter and do it on better stuff than me. What a dick.
 This is Mark's Pizza oven. Didn't get to test it out but I have heard legendary stories about it. He also makes portable pizza ovens and takes them to festivals and farmers markets for extra dough.
 Marks wood burning hot tub. Pretty sick.
 Nasty Chinese Restaurant.
 Mark made us some full bodied tacos. Probably the best meal of the trip which is saying something. Thanks Mark!
 Mark making us breakfast.
 The Bano.
 Chris with a frontside ollie at Port Townsend. This park was really fun.

 Can't remember where this is, but it looks awesome.
The crew in front of some water fall. We saw so much stuff like this. This is a good photo of Ody the van aka the fun faucet. 

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