Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Chris got a new car in Milwaukee a few weeks back so Chris, Scott, Erin, and myself took a little trip to pick it up.

 Scott next to the new whip.
 Chris is going to get so many chicks in this thing.
 We had a lot of time to kill, so we went and hung out in a park for awhile. Here is Ricky demonstrating his tennis ball prowess.
 Farting in your friends face will never not be funny.
Dog Model.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm Back.

I haven't had the internet for a while so I haven't been able to post anything on here. I have a ton of stuff to put up here so be prepared.

 We moved into a new place.
 It has a pear tree. It's not to often that you find a rental house with one of these. 
Our boss at Upland got us tickets to a suite at a reds game this weekend and a free hotel room in Cincinatti. Thanks Seth!
 We skated Colerain park the next day. Here is some shameless self promotion with a tailblock transfer over the spine. Traycoff took the photo.
 Traycoff with a crooked grind over the hip at Colerain park.
 We stopped by yellow wood on the way back. It is the wettest I have ever seen it. You could still skate the top though.
Justin came down from Fortville to hang out for the weekend. It was awesome getting to hang with him. Zach came to but I don't have a photo of him. Sorry bro.