Saturday, April 28, 2012

This weeks Randoms.

 Evan tried this front nose for a while but couldn't pull it. Scott on the other hand landed this pee first try.
 Self Explanatory
 Went out to homewoods this weekend for a sundown sesh.
 Ricky was there terrorizing

 I went back to Fortville for a day to see the family and the Fortville Five.
Got to skate this gem. Best Flatbar in Indiana.
 Daniel and Justin were ripping.
 My lovely mother.
 Lucy is still holding it down.
 Lots of games of skate.
 Ended the trip with a Zionsville Sesh.
Tim, Robert, and Nick started this company called Shoe Box. American Made wood. Go buy one at Rhett.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


These Indianapolis Kids have been killing it. I think I like Tim's Line at May Tay the best, and I watched the ender about 15 times.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ryan's House

Me and Scott went over to Ryan's last night. It's always fun hanging out with the Smith Family.

Kye's First Primo.
Stare down.
Kye Smith 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

West Virginia Video

Here is the video from the trip. I realize that it looks like we went to skatopia for an hour then spent the last three days at Richmond park, but I left the camera in the bag at the other parks.

West Virginia Trip

I got back from the trip to W. Virginia a couple of days ago and it was a blast. Tim, Hutch, Ryan, Brad, Grant, Georgie, and myself jumped in the van and met the east coast crew of Phil, Drew, Willy, Dylan, and Jess. We skated parks, grilled, camped, shit talked, shot guns, and even got a pretty epic game of football going. It's always a good time with these dudes and I can't wait for the next one.

Ryan Tailslid the oververt at Wheeling W. Virginia.

Tim has the best taste in music.

Drove around the hills of W. Virginia one night and some locals pointed us towards this awesome camp spot.

An Ax Throwing competition ensued.

Georgie held it down with me and Grant in the back seat for the entire trip. He showed up to Skatopia and immediately took over the pack of dogs. He's the man.

Indiana Boys.

Got some awesome accommodations and breakfast in Fayetteville W. Virginia. Thanks Halo!

The trip was well documented.

Willy Frontside Air at Skatopia.

Video from the trip will be up here soon. I just got a Go Pro so if you are into shaking filming that is poorly edited to country music then you guys are about to be psyched.

Check out Tim, Hutch, and Open Container for more from this trip.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

W.Virginia Trip

Heading out tomorrow for this W. Virginia trip. A bunch of Indiana boys are meeting some East Coast dudes halfway to skate some epic parks, camp out, and have a good time. I am stoked to get outta here for a few days.

The crew photo from our last trip to Nashville way back in Sept.