Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July and Homewoods

I went back to Fortville for the fourth of July. We had a little crew out to my parents house to swim and camp at the pond. 
 Before that we checked out the new stuff at Hutchside.
 Timmy D. He's had a lot of coverage on the blog lately.
 Masaru! stoked your back in town. Life is short!
 Masaru soaking in the scenery.
 I love making it back here every once in a while.
 Then we went back to Bloomington for first Thursdays. The heat kept the turnout down, but we still had a good time. Jeff with the backside ollie over the hip. Not as good as he's got them on his own turf, but still pretty sick.
 Jeff was going for some nbd shit in the big bowl. Kye was stoked.
 Next time bro.
 Joe Carroll, Benji, and LB came down from Muncie to camp and skate at Homewoods. Got the generator and lights out to beat the heat. It was an epic session. Big thanks to Ryan and Nick for making that happen.
 Ass shot of Scott's backside ollie. Find Dallas's flickr for a good photo.
 Nick was doing stand up grinds into the kong wall, not bad for being a homewoods novice.
 The rain gave us a break from the heat and a slight intermission on the sesh.
 Then Nick closed the session out with a frontside nosepick on the kong wall. I could be wrong but I think he may be the first for this trick. I'm sure someone will let me know if he isn't. The above photo is the the one I really wanted to turn out, but I took it a little bit to early. The bottom photo is the make.
Not a bad week.

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