Thursday, May 24, 2012


My friends Tim, Robert, and Nick started a board company called Shoebox. All the people involved are awesome and I think a good chunk of them are coming on the trip. Here is an edit they made of their riders destroying maytay and terre haute park. Franklins Stalefish was pretty out of control.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bridge Jump

After work during the summer there are pretty much two options that anyone talks about. We either go skate, go to the lake, or some combination of both. Yesterday was a lake day and we got the first bridge jump of the summer. It was my first jump ever, and it was super fun.

Scott and Erin pre-jump
Mandatory Ricky Photo with a Chris bonus.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oregon Throwback.

We have 2 weeks til the Northwest Trip so I thought I might post some stuff from the last Oregon trips that I took. This photo is from the 09 trip where Jacob, Scott, and I took the greyhound out to Portland and stayed with Jeremy and Phil and company. The greyhound was a trip. 50 hours each way was brutal, but we got to see the whole country one gas station at a time. 

This is me with Jacob getting terrorized by Phil. I always thought that this was a hilarious photo. I can't wait to see those dudes again.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Northwest Bound

At the beginning of June a crew of us are hitting the road out Northwest for a couple of weeks. We are going to Portland, Orcas Island, Seattle, and Montana. I cannot wait.

I'm pretty sure this guy is coming with us. I think this needs to be a shoebox graphic.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cinco de Barto

Bart's 40th birthday was this past weekend and he had a rager out at homewoods. This year he stepped it up even more and built a bike jump into the pond. He learned backflips into the pond and did 40 frontside grinds in the bowl in one line for his fortieth birthday. Bart is the man.

 Bart on his closest backflip attempt. He got wrecked on the first two.
 Ella got Scott psyched for the lake jump.
 Ricky Attack!
 Bart built a twenty foot tall burning man.

Happy birthday Bart! Thanks for having us out.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Joe Carroll visit

 Joe Carroll decided to come down here to Bloomington to skate and hang out. Joe is the founding member of Rhett and an all around awesome dude. Whenever Joe comes into town Homewoods is a mandatory stop.
 Cinco de Barto is coming up and Bart decided to celebrate he is going to build a bike jump into the pond. Its going to be wild.
 Liam looks on while Bart puts in work.
 Bart and Liam
 Mandatory Ricky Photo.
 Joe and Scott
Trick Number 2 of a twenty trick line. No one can skate like this guy.

Then we went out to Lake Monroe. The weather has been perfect. This was the second day out at the lake in a row.
Joe, Zan, and Adam.
Scott and Ricky. 

Then we went out to the skatepark for First Thursdays.
 Nick Daniel and Bruno. So psyched Dan the Man finally got to pay a visit to Bloomington and see me. He has the best switch tre in the business.

Ella Smith learned how to ride her bike yesterday! Yeah Ella!