Thursday, March 29, 2012

David Shui

David Shui Smith Grind in the deep end.

He was grinding smith tailgrabs everytime. Couldn't pull it though.

The crowd was unimpressed.

Tattoo Machines

Brant came into town yesterday to build some tattoo machines with Adam.

Adam Grinding
Brant worked on his machine all day only to have it break drilling one of the last holes. This is the face of disappointment.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

House Gardens.

This photo is from Scotts going away party out at Homewoods a couple years back. This is Jesse and Scott post fight where they both ended up in the pond next to the bowl. I'm pretty sure at least 5 people got tackled into the pond that night. Me and Scott shaved our heads and hopped on a Greyhound heading for Portland with Jacob the next day. I'll post more photos from that trip sometime.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dats Dat

We have been out filming for the last of the Dats trilogy, Dats Dat, lately. The pressure to outdo his previous videos is obviously affecting Will.


Evan jumped this natural Euro Gap. This spot sucks.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Louisville Trip

A few of us decided to head to Louisville to shred a couple of days ago. Hogan, Alan, Scott, Shorts and T-Shirt and myself all jumped in the car and headed south. Hogan suggested taking a different route and it payed off with an epic small town spot.

Sizing it up

Hogan was killing it.

Chris and Scott went to work on the cut out.

Then Scott decided to step it up to the big wall.

We made it into Louisville and met up with Matt McDole. He showed us around to some sick Louisville spots. Matt's got a part in a new video called In the Cut. Go get yourself a copy at Home Skateshop. After ripping in the Louisville streets we got a heavy night sesh in at the park.

Hogans known for his ledge dancing abilities, but he ain't scared to step to the black diamond.

Scott got a hold of the camera and took these photos.
Then Scott started crying so we headed back to Bloomington. Overall a fun ass trip, can't wait for the next one.